General Program Questions

I'm picking up my CSA bin at my location...what do I do?

Glen Valley CSA Member Pickup Guidelines

Last updated January 2024

Ground Rules:  We are grateful to our hosts for making their space available; we ask that you treat their space with much respect!  

Contingency planning:  What are your options if you cannot pick up your produce?

In addition to these guidelines, please note any special considerations regarding your particular pickup location.  These will be communicated to you weekly in the email confirming your CSA bin is ready for pick-up.

I can't find my CSA bin...what do I do?

Call us right away at 778-201-3464.  If you can't reach us, email info@glenvalleycsa.com  We will return your call and/or email as soon as possible.

When do the various CSA options run?

When do the various CSA options run?

The 2024 season will run as follows:

Glen Valley Greens (early season) PRODUCE SHARE -

Main Season PRODUCE SHARE - 


Main Season Fruit Share - 

November Fruit Share Extension - 

Your delivery day is determined by the location you are picking up from.

Is my delivery on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday?

Is my delivery on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday?

***If you decide to change the location of your delivery in a given week, please keep the delivery day of your new location in mind!




Should I sign up for a Full Share or a Half Share?

It depends how much you cook!

Quantities will fluctuate a little throughout the season - as we get into mid summer and early fall there is generally more to offer. We try to keep the box overall value near our target value, and about 9-11 items per week.

Generally speaking, a Full Share could be eaten each week by a veggie loving couple. These are the folks that cook for themselves almost every night, eat a mostly plant based diet, and/or can preserve what's left. The average busy family can usually get through one box per week, however there is no need to overburden yourself! Our online store will be open when we have extra produce and fruit available, so if you sign up for a Half Share and find yourself running low, you can always add more to your box!

The season has already started...can I still sign up?

Yes!  As long as we still have space in the program, you can sign up at any time.  The cost of the CSA will be pro-rated to the number of deliveries left in the season.

A link to the 2024 sign-up page will be available here shortly.

In the meantime, please read through our Terms and Conditions to make sure we are a good fit for you.

What does a CSA subscription cost?

Pricing for the CSA is as follows:

Why is there a membership fee?

We have set up a membership fee (of $1+tax/box) for the CSA program to help cover the costs of CSA administration.  A membership or admin fee is common in CSA programs. In our case, it allows us to separate out a flat fee for CSA overhead while allocating the full cost of each share option to food from the farm businesses.  Before we do any farm work, we incur many administrative costs, including: our CSA management software (which allows members the flexibility to customize their CSA box, place delivery holds and change their pick-up location); managing inventory for a diverse online store; and hiring (at a fair, living wage) our administrator who adds value to the CSA experience through the creation of a weekly newsletter, recipe ideas, and who is able to monitor the email diligently to address member concerns promptly.  We think that's pretty good value at $1/veggie box!

What is in each box?

We grow high quality vegetables, berries and fruit and we deliver it fresh to your neighbourhood. Unless otherwise noted, all of the produce in your box is grown on our farm, and the tree fruit will mainly be coming from our partners at Snowy Mountain Organics in Cawston, BC. 

In a given week, we send out a forecast email (on Saturday morning) to let you know what we plan to put in your box the following week. Weather and other factors have been known to wreak havoc with our planning, so this is not a guarantee of what you will find in your box, but it tends to be fairly accurate. We will also open the online store at the same time so that you are able to customize and/or supplement what is already in your box. 

We pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our produce.  If you find a tomato with rotten spots, or a kale with yellow leaves, we want to know about it! Please take a photo and send to info@glenvalleycsa.com. We can replace the item, and it helps us identify any packing or storing issues that come up.

You can take a look at our Facebook and Instagram accounts for images of box contents from 2023.  


Can I add extra produce to my box?

Yes you can! As a CSA member you get exclusive access to our online store.  The store is open weekly from Saturday morning (once you receive the forecast email) to Monday night

All items on the store are available for purchase.  Items listed as having a 'credit' value have an equivalent $ value (ie 3 credits = $3).  Items listed with a 'credit' value have the added feature of also being available for customizing your box, should you choose to remove other items from your current order (see, 'Can I substitute produce in my box?').

In 2023, we made a concerted effort to expand the variety of items available on the store, and those efforts will continue in 2024.  We will always have produce from the farm listed, as well as other fresh fruit and veggies from local, organic farms as the season allows.  This will include bulk quantities of tomatoes, peaches and other fruits and veggies, as availableBeyond this, we also carry a line of pastas, sweet treats, mushrooms, grains, pulses, local hazelnuts, candied and canned salmon, cheeses, and more!  New items are featured in our weekly newsletter.

What are my payment options?

You have three options for payments.  Our preference is payment by Interac e-transfer to: info@glenvalleycsa.com.  You are also able to pay for your subscription by personal cheque (payable to Glen Valley Organic Farm and mailed to 8550 Bradner Road, Abbotsford BC V4X 2H5), or by credit card, using Paypal through the Farmigo site.

We have three payment schedules available as well.  You can pay up-front; in 2 instalments (by March 1 and June 1); or in 6 instalments (by March 1 and monthly on June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1 and October 1).  

What if I am away during the season?

If you plan to be away during the season, you can put your box on hold.  You can put your box on hold as many times as you need, and the value of those holds is converted to a positive balance in your account. That account balance must be spent in our online store in the season it is accrued.  It has no cash value and will not be refunded or held over to subsequent seasons.

A good alternative to holds is to have a friend or family member pick up your share while you are away. You can even change the location of your delivery in any given week to make that option more convenient (or for any other reason).

To see our refund policy, visit our Terms and Conditions page

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

Prior to the start of the season, we will refund your subscription minus a $30 processing fee. 

If, during the season, you are unhappy with your CSA box for any reason or if you need to cancel due to a change in life circumstances, we will refund you the remaining value of your subscription.

What are the risks of joining a CSA program?

We do all we can to assure a full, diverse and wonderful harvest and we have a proven track record for delivering a quality box of produce throughout the season. Nonetheless, certain things are beyond our control, and may reduce yields, create substitutions, or result in complete losses. For example, in 2012 we experienced significant flooding in June and July during the Fraser River freshet (we still managed to deliver boxes throughout the season, but with less diversity than normal). There is an element of risk involved in any CSA program.

What are the farmers committing to in the CSA?

The Farmers of the Glen Valley Organic Farm CSA commit to:

Can I substitute produce in my box?

New for 2024...YES!  

Given member feedback, and advances made with our CSA management software, we are able to offer customizable boxes! We are pleased to explore this CSA model with you.

The advantage of our previous CSA model – for us – was that it provided us with an ability to do our crop planning and harvest planning according to real numbers (with 400 CSA members, we know we need to plan for a harvest of 400 heads of lettuce this week and 400 bunches of kale next week, or bags of basil, or bunches of carrots, etc.). Our aim was to provide as much variety as possible while still supplying reasonable quantities of produce. That system reduces waste and allows us to focus on key crops that we know are generally appreciated by members. We then supplement our store offerings with smaller amounts of extras (to get 400 heads of lettuce, we seed and plant closer to 520, which means there is sometimes extra), and other crops that we grow specifically for the CSA store (in 2023 that included some herbs, broccolini, cherry tomatoes, and okra, for example).

The disadvantage of that model is that our CSA members don't get to choose what was in their box in a given week.

To understand how this works, please refer to our Customizable CSA information page.

If you have questions about how any of this is going to work, please reach out to us at info@glenvalleycsa.com.

What are CSA members committing to?

As a CSA subscriber, you have the following responsibilities:

How has COVID-19 effected your CSA program?

During the pandemic, we were in direct communication with the Ministry of Agriculture and worked under the guidance of local Health Authorities to bolster our food safety procedures and continually educate ourselves and our staff.  Health and safety is an ongoing effort, even beyond a pendemic, and we continue to follow guidance as provided from health authorities and the ministry. We are committed to transparency and the safety of our CSA members and CSA location hosts that keep our program running. 

Farmigo Questions

What is Farmigo?

Farmigo is the name of the software we use to manage our CSA program. It is where you can access our online store for customizing your box or adding additional items to your order, make payments, place delivery holds and adjust your pickup location. 

How do I sign in to my Farmigo account?

This link: https://csa.farmigo.com/account/glenvalleyorganicfarm will take you to the sign in page to create or sign in to your account.

I've forgotten my password!  What do I do?

No problem!  At the bottom of the sign-in page is a 'Forgot Password' link.  If that does not resolve your issue, you can write to us at info@glenvalleycsa.com and we will try to resolve that issue with you.

How do I check my account balance?

Once you have signed in, your balance will be visible on the "My Account" page. A negative balance indicates funds owing. This could be the result of a payment coming due or an outstanding online store order.

A positive balance indicates you have funds available for spending in the online store. 

(See screen shots, below, for reference)

How do I spend my balance in the CSA store?

Simply purchase an item as you would normally in the online store.  At the checkout, your balance will automatically be adjusted to reflect any positve balance in your account.  

If you are a half share subscriber, you can only place orders on weeks that you already have a delivery scheduled.

How do I set a delivery hold?

Log into your account and click on the "Delivery Hold" tab. Then input the dates you will be away!

Please see our delivery hold policy

Once the hold is placed, the value of the delivery that week(s) will automatically be assigned to your account.  That balance is then available to you to spend in our online store during the season.

(See screen shots, below, for reference)

Can I change my delivery location?

In short, YES!

Log into your account.  On the right hand side of your My Account page, is a 'Summary' section with green headings.  Next to the 'Pick Up Site' header, is a 'change' button.  Click on that to choose a new pick up location.  

Please note that you are able to make delivery location changes to your account for the following week starting on Saturday, and until Monday night.  The change will be in effect for every following week until you change it back!

(See screen shots, below, for reference)

Where do I go to pick up my CSA bin?

Each location is unique, and therefore has their own unique pickup instructions. Check your Farmigo account to find your pickup location instructions. 

(See screen shots below, for reference)

What if my question is not answered here?

Its very important to us that your questions about our program get answered!

Please read our Terms and Conditions, look over this FAQ page and explore your Farmigo account before sending us an email. If we receive emails whose questions we have already answered in writing on our website, you will be directed back to our website.

However, once you have familiarized yourself with our website and still can't find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We want to help!

Please do send us an email: info@glenvalleycsa.com

If you'd like us to call you, please leave us your phone number and an indication of your availability.

How do I check my account balance?

Once you have signed in, your balance will be visible on the "My Account" page. A negative balance indicates funds owing. This could be the result of a payment coming due or an outstanding online store order.

A positive balance indicates a potential over-payment or a pending reimbursement.

How do I set a delivery hold?

Log into your account and click on the "Delivery Hold" tab. Then input the dates you will be away!

Please see our delivery hold policy

Can I change my delivery location? 

Yes! Log into your account and click on the change button in the green pickup site section. Please note that Monday night is the weekly deadline to change your delivery location, and the change will be in effect for that and every following week until you change it back!

Where do I go to pick up my CSA bin?

Each location is unique, and therefore has their own unique pickup instructions. Check your farmigo account to find your pickup location instructions.