Customizable CSA

Customizable Boxes are NEW for 2024!

You asked for flexibility in box contents...we're responding.

How does it work?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Here's some more detail...

How will this work?

If you have questions about how any of this is going to work, please reach out to us at

For an example:

You receive your much awaited Saturday morning forecast email, which will outline the pre-filled, or 'default', contents of your upcoming delivery. In viewing your pre-filled order, you decide you do not want the head of lettuce (listed at a value of 4 credits). You remove it. Your box now has a value of 46 credits (out of a total of 50). 

You take a look at the available store items, and decide you would like to get a bunch of kale (listed on the store as having a value of 4 credits). You add that to your order. That credit is added to your account, and you are back at 50 credits, with no further balance owing.

Alternatively, you remove the head of lettuce (4 credits) and decide that instead of receiving just 2lbs of carrots (listed in the box as 8 credits), you'd like to get an additional 2lbs of carrots (listed in the store as 8 credits).  By adding another 2lbs of carrots, you are adding 8 credits to your box. Four (4) of those credits would replace the lettuce (bringing your box back to its original 50 credits), and the remaining 4 credits will be converted to a balance owing of $4.  

You notice that there is a fair-trade, organic chocolate bar available in the store and add that to your order.  That item (listed as having a $ value in the store) will be added to your order, and the cost will be added to your balance owing on your account. 

Finally, if you make no changes to your default box contents, but want to add some broccolini. It has an assigned credit value (for example, 4 credits). The value will be converted to a balance owing on your account, in dollars.

**Note: We commit to making sure (within the limitations of weather, labour, crop damage, etc.) there is a decent selection of produce for customizing your box. Some items we grow but not enough to fill everyone's box (cherry tomatoes, broccolini, asparagus, herbs, okra, etc.) and there are lots of item we have on an ongoing basis (rhubarb, kale, cucumbers, lettuce, garlic, onions, squash, etc.) .