About Us

Glen Valley Organic Farm is home to two farm businesses that operate a co-operative Community Shared Agriculture program.

Shirlene Cote operates Earth Apple Organic Farm. Established in 2011, Shirlene moved her business to Glen Valley Organic Farm in January 2016. She started out growing earth apples — les pommes de terre — and expanded to grow over 50 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. She also raises hens and ducks for eggs.

Close to Home Organics is a family farm business, operating at Glen Valley Organic Farm. Chris Bodnar and Paige Dampier manage the business, overseeing crop planning, growing, harvesting and sales. We grow an array of certified organic, seasonal vegetables and fruit, selling through a Community Shared Agriculture program, farmers markets and select restaurants.

Chris and Paige have lived and worked at Glen Valley Organic Farm since 2007. We started Close to Home Organics in the fall of 2011, building off of five years of farming experience. Our guiding philosophy is that the healthiest, most flavourful and environmentally sustainable food is grown close to home.

Our Partners

To provide a Fruit Share option to our CSA we partner with Snowy Mountain Organics — a long standing organic farm hidden in the South Similkameen with a 33 year history of organic farming. Lauren Sellars' 25 acre farm is filled with unique and interesting varieties of fruit. The season starts with cherries — Titans, followed by Vans, Rainiers, Bings and tart/sour pie cherries. Next come apricots, all tree-ripened. Their fifteen varieties of peaches are favourites, spanning early to late varieties. Plums are like candy, coming in yellow, green, purple, red and black. From late summer through into the winter, there are apples galore with some twenty varieties. Pears range from Red Flash and Bartletts to Golden Bosc and Flemish Beauty. Their Quince are an aromatic delight. Their unique spot in southern B.C. is one of Canada's hottest climates — you can taste the sunshine in their fruit.

We occasionally partner with other BC certified organic producers to bring our CSA members even more variety of local fruits, berries and melons.

Our Program

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